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March 25, 2020
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When dealing with severe tooth pain, it's essential to know when you should and shouldn't visit your emergency dentist. Whether you accrue a sports-related injury during the day or take a tumble during the night and suffer from facial trauma, Drs. Piccioni, Tavolacci, Suter, or Hartmann are available to assess the situation.

If you experience a dental emergency, don't wait for the problem to fix itself, call our River Forest, IL, office immediately as it can make all the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

What is Causing My Tooth Pain?

  • Cavities - tiny openings or holes in the teeth that result from tooth decay or damage
  • Periodontitis - inflammation of tissue surrounding the base of the gum line
  • Dental Abscess - a tender pus-filled mass that forms from infection
  • Dentin Hypersensitivity - occurs when the dentin gets exposed
  • Cracked tooth syndrome - a condition that causes tiny fractures in the tooth

When to Visit Your Emergency Dentist

When you can't treat a toothache at home, or if a tooth becomes dislodged/knocked-out from a hard impact, it's necessary to visit your emergency dentist. Here, they can assess the problem at-hand and recommend the best solution to restore your bite, appearance, and oral functionality. Even when you suspect the office is closed, you can still reach Drs. Piccioni, Tavolacci, Suter, or Hartmann by calling our River Forest, IL, office. One of them will be able to address any questions or concerns you may have and guide you through the preservation process until your visit.

Give Us a Call

Here at River Forest Dental Studio, we can treat your situation in a timely matter and help you avoid losing a tooth. Regardless of the trauma being mild or severe, please give our emergency dentist a call at the first symptoms of pain, swelling, or sensitivity. For more information about emergency dentistry and the services provided at our River Forest, IL, office, visit our website. For appointment scheduling with Drs. Piccioni, Tavolacci, Suter, or Hartmann, please call 708-366-6760.


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