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November 30, 2020
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Accidents happen. It's inherently difficult to plan for them, and in the midst of one, you may be too overwhelmed to know what to do. But when it comes to accidents involving your teeth, the important thing to remember is that modern dentistry is equipped with several treatments that can help restore your smile. For greater peace of mind and more information get in contact with Dr. Gina Piccioni and Dr. John Hartmann of River Forest Dental Studio in River Forest, IL.

Not Quite an Emergency

It may be helpful to first know what does not constitute an emergency. These are dental problems that can probably wait until your next visit during business hours.

Most of the non-emergency situations are generally those that don't directly involve your natural teeth. If you've lost a filling, as long as there isn't pain associated with it, you are likely safe to wait but should contact your dentist nonetheless. Similarly, this applies to chipping a veneer or any other dental appliance, with the above caveats. But if what remains is sharp and can cut your cheeks, it's best to have it looked at straight away.

When to Call

As mentioned, pain is an indicator that something is wrong and should be examined as quickly as possible. Especially if the pain is severe. You can rinse your mouth with warm water and use over the counter anti-inflammatory medications until you can see your doctor.

If your tooth is only slightly chipped you can likely wait for a regular, though prompt, appointment. But if your tooth has cracked deep enough to hurt, or the remnant may injure you, it's a definite emergency.

Having a tooth knocked out is the most obvious reason for emergency care. The faster your tooth is placed back, the better your chances that it will properly bond. It's why the ADA recommends that you very gently attempt to place it back in its socket if no emergency treatment is available, but you should contact your dentist for guidance.

Don't handle a knocked-out tooth by its root and place it in a container with milk if you must transport it. Don't allow it to dry.

Emergency Dentist Services in River Forest, IL

You can't anticipate accidents, but you can help prevent them. Wear a mouthguard if you practice sports, avoid chewing hard foods, and using metal straws, try reusable silicone ones. Also, remember to reach for a pair of scissors instead of using your teeth to open packages. Make an appointment with Dr. Piccioni and Dr. Hartmann of River Forest Dental Studio in River Forest, IL, by dialing (708) 366-6760.


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