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May 28, 2019
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Find out the many advantages of getting this long-term tooth replacement in River Forest, IL.


Millions of American adults are missing at least one tooth. If you are one of them then perhaps you’re considering the different treatment options available to you. Dental implants offer a long-term restoration that both looks and functions just like a real tooth. Find out why so many adults are turning to dental implants to get their full smiles back with our River Forest dentists Dr. Gina Piccioni and Dr. John Hartmann.

A New and Improved Appearance

Dental implants are made to not just look like real teeth but also function just like them as well. In fact, nothing comes closer to real teeth then dental implants. Since the implant fuses together naturally with the bone it makes the implant a permanent part of your smile. While we won’t be able to place the implant for you we can refer you to a dental implant specialist we trust. Once the implant has been placed and bonded with your jawbone, we can place the final restoration, the dental crown. If you have any issues with your implant, we can replace and repair a damaged implant crown to keep your new tooth looking its best.

Restore Speech

Whether you are currently dealing with gaps in your smile or you have dentures that may shift or move around, our River Forest, IL, restorative dentist understands that you may be looking for a treatment option that will make it easier to speak without worrying about your false teeth moving around. Since implants actually bond with the jawbone you won’t have to worry about your implants staying in place.

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Again

When you are missing one or more teeth it can be challenging to be able to sink your teeth into a lot of your favorite foods, which is yet another reason to choose dental implants. Once the implant is permanently in place you can be confident in your ability to eat all the foods you once loved without worrying about your teeth moving around. Make going out to dinner a fun experience again thanks to dental implants.

Boost Your Confidence

Nothing is better than knowing that the rest of the world won’t be able to tell that you have dental implants. You can feel confident that your false tooth looks just like the rest of your smile. So go ahead and fill that social calendar again and show off that beautiful new smile.

Have we piqued your interest in dental implants? Do you want to find out if this is the right way to replace your missing teeth? Need to repair or replace your implant’s dental crown? Then call River Forest Dental Studio and let’s sit down and discuss your options with you.


Gina Piccioni, D.M.D. and John G. Hartmann, D.D.S.

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