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January 16, 2018
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Say goodbye to dental imperfections and hello to a beautiful smile with veneers.veneers

Are you dealing with discolorations in your teeth that don’t respond to teeth whitening treatment? Do you hate that your teeth look tiny and worn down due to years of teeth grinding? If you said “yes” to these questions, or if you are dealing with other cosmetic issues with your smile, then our River Forest, IL, cosmetic dentists Dr. Gina Piccioni and Dr. John Hartmann are here to tell you how dental veneers can help.

If you lack confidence in your smile because it’s misshapen, discolored, or misaligned then chances are good that you want to turn to cosmetic dentistry to enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence. Our River Forest, IL, dentist can provide you with personalized cosmetic dentistry to meet your needs and help you solve the aesthetics problems you are having.

Whether you just wish your smile were a little straighter or years of teeth grinding has left you with small, uneven teeth, let our dental team in River Forest, IL, restore your appearance with veneers. Each veneer is uniquely crafted to cover the entire front surface of a tooth. These custom restorations are even matched to the shade of your smile so you always get restorations that are natural and realistic.

Before veneers can be placed we will need to prepare your teeth first. To make room for your veneers we will remove a minimal amount of enamel from the front of your teeth so that your final results look natural and not bulky.

Don’t worry, though; tooth preparation isn’t painful and can often be performed without needing anesthesia if you don’t experience tooth sensitivity. We will also take molds of your mouth to provide an outside lab with the exact measurements and replicas of your teeth and gums so they can create veneers that are perfectly fitted to your smile.

Once your veneers have been made and sent to us, you will come back in so that we can check the look and fit before bonding them to the front of your teeth with resin and a dental laser. Once the veneers have been bonded they can last up to twenty years or more with proper care.

Are you interested in getting dental veneers in River Forest, IL? If so, then it’s time you scheduled a free dental implant consultation to find out if you are the ideal candidate for this treatment. Call the experts at River Forest Dental Studio today.


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